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Globalwarming heatmapTo try and explain it in short; Globalwarming is a phenomenon we see happened when the average temperature of our Earths oceans and atmosphere increase.
In the 4.55 billion years our Earth have existed, there have been constant waves of heating and cooling of the Earth, but after the rise of the homo sapiens and lately our heavy industrialization through out the planet, WE have made an impact on the "natural" cycle, which means we got a Global rapid increasing problem on our hands.
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Greenhouse gas emissions - Human related causes:

The main impact from us are the burning of fossil fuels , like coal - oil - natural gases and releasing them into our own atmosphere creating global emissions of greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide (CO2).
At the same time we release all these gases, we deforest our planet at a rapid pace.
Some even state that deforestation that causes drought and may be an even bigger contributer to globalwarming than the rise of Carbon Dioxide.

Car Exhaust Industry Deforestation Heavy Industry

Awareness on our Global Warming in 2007 is needed!

We need GlobalWarming Awareness2007 and this is my contribution to do this.
I have always has an interest in our environment and the SEO contest, called "SEO World Championship 2007" gave me the final push to do something about it. This way I can combine 2 things I love.
- Contribute to improve our environment
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
By "Contribute to improve" I mean the chance to inform people about this global problem of ours, and I might reach someone who wouldn't have been reached, if I didn't make this page. Who knows? :)

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